When Your Dell Catches on Fire, Watch the Dell Warrenty Burn Up

One year ago around this time, early on a Sunday evening, my Dell Inspiron decided to catch on fire. This is according to the forensic evidence of the  fire cheif. The laptop had been a gift from a friend of mine in America. Being a true friend, she also bought me a three-year warranty. I had called the Dell helpdesk in the USA, and they had been very helpful. They even sent a motherboard to me by Fedex. But soon they told me that I my warranty would have to be transferred to the International Dell. So when I had the fire, Dell USA said they couldn’t help me because the warrenty was under the International Dell in India. India Dell wouldn’t help me because they said the laptop was bought in the USA.

Thank God that India uses concrete to build their homes or my neighbours would be living somewhere else. As it was, only my office and all its contents were destroyed.  Thank God also that the little white puppy I just got wasn’t in his cage near the computer. The smoke of course damaged the rest of my apartment. But Dell could care less. I’d upload the photos, but it’s too depressing. I have an Acer now.


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