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Chicken Soup and Shabbat from the Digital World

As an instructional designer, I have to live inside of my computer.  In a way, I would much rather be teaching a live class.  But then again, I’m too much of a geek and like my graphic design options.  As any independent contractor knows, you are your most exigent boss.  I work myself hard–glued to this light box–finding beta testers, researching, designing and redesigning.   Then, Shabbat–let go.  Walk away from the computer.  I am not in the borg. 

I had lived in India for over 12 years where I had a full-time cook.  Now back in the UK, I am cooking again.  Also in the UK, it is freezing, cold, and damp.  It is time to make homemade chicken soup.  Just one more time at the computer to google just how to make chicken soup.  As I go through the process, my husband put on the movie about Coco Channel’s life.  I also lived in France for five years.  I am feeling very French.  There is nothing like making a chicken broth to cure you of cyber virus.  All that boiling water and steam and smells kills the two-dimensional  life that I have been living all week.  And then, just because, I made home-made bread. 

You don’t need to be Jewish to enjoy the Shabbat.  It mentioned in the scriptures before Abraham or Moses.  The Shabbat reminds us that we are not slaves.  That we are humans and not cyborgs.


Spring is Here in the UK!

We have had a dreary winter so far.  After Christmas I felt like I was living in Finland but without the snow plows.  The rain makes life damp here and you feel it in your mattress when you go to bed at night.  But, somehow, Spring is here!  Well, virtually anyway. I am a lonely instructional designer who is holed up in my bedroom-office.  I am trying to get our business going since that is about the only way you can get work now in the UK–you got to do you own thing.  But of course, I’m in a Catch-22–no work–no money–no money–no business.  But then came iSpring to give me the leg up that I need.

You see, I am developing a new type of language learning concept — for Hebrew.  Since I am still learning Hebrew myself, and I’m doing the graphics, and I’m doing the IT, my mind is juggling quite a lot.

Once I got some prototype modules done for beta-testing, I needed a platform.  Who would host a powerpoint presentation and keep all my little animations and click when you’re done pages, and my sounds, and still give me quality.  And, who could keep it private for me?  For free.  Like I said, Spring came.  iSpring.

Not only that, when I had some technical difficulties, some one actually wrote right back THE VERY SAME DAY!  Yes, I said some one, meaning a real person like Helen.  A real personality.  No automatic email.

This is all for free.  Thank you, iSpring, for shedding a little bit of sunshine on the rainy UK.