Why Yom Kippur Should be a National Holiday

Yforgiveom Kippur is a sacred holiday found in Leviticus 16.  It is observed only by the Jews where they ask one another, “Will you forgive me for anything I might have said or done this year that has hurt you?” It should be an international holiday. 

Start with schools: the principle should make an announcement where he/she asks for forgiveness from the teachers and students. In each classroom, the teachers do it with the children, then the children do it with each other and the teacher. The teacher does it with the parents and the parents do it with the teachers.

Then at work, HR should have a policy that the boss asks forgiveness from the employees.  The employees not only ask for forgiveness from each other but also the clients, customers, patients, or vendors.

At home, parents ask forgiveness from children and neighbors and friends. 

The slate is wiped clean once a year.  No one is allowed to bring up wrongs from the year before.  All relationships start all over again.

Okay, so now we take it into politics.  The Democrats forgive the Republicans and visa versa.  You no longer get to hate someone because they don’t agree with you.


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