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What to do when a bomb hits

In light of the Boston Marathon bombing, I called my friend in Jerusalem and asked if she could give me a few pointers:

1.  Hit the ground. Pull anyone around you to the ground.  Avoid glass fragments.

2.  Stay away from shops with glass windows.

3.  Don’t run down the street.  You may be running  to another bomb.

4.  Option: Run into a building and go to the far end.  Try to get to the bathrooms.

5.  Option: Be in the middle of the street and away from building with glass windows.

6.  Stay away from waste bins, trash cans, or any luggage unattended.  There may be another bomb.

7.  Be observant for what doesn’t look right, and stay away from it. Go with your gut.

8.  Help the wounded. Don’t move them unless necessary.

9.  Cover yourself with your jacket, and cover children and babies.

10.  Cell phones may not work.  Try to use a phone booth and leave a message at your home phone that you are ok.

How to prepare before hand:

1.  Keep your land line.  Cell phone may not work in an emergency situation.

2.  Always keeps coins on you to use in a pay phone.

3.  Take a First Aid course.

4.  Train your family to keep together in crowds.

5.  Coordinate with your social groups–clubs, synagogs, churches–to develop a disaster management plan.

This is a rough draft.  Would like to get feedback.