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What Big Countries Can Learn from Cyprus

After three and a half years in the UK, we are back in a sunny land:  this time we are in Tala, a suburb of Paphos in Cyprus.  We have been here less than a week.  So far we have found a raw honey source, fresh fish, but unfortunately only skimmed goat milk.  We have been told by our local shepherd, Marius, that we can’t get raw goat milk until January when his goats will give birth.

Today in Cyprus it is oct 28quiet because it is a national holiday. Banks, shops, and schools are closed. There are parades in Nicosia and all the larger cities. Today is ‘No Day’ or ‘Ohi Day’. Just 75 years ago, the Greeks said no to a bullying Mussolini and resisted the Italian invasion. This changed the course of World War II.  Read about it here in Wikipedia. For the Cypriots, Ohi Day (pronounced oxhi, the xh like the ch in Bach) is a day to celebrate independence and freedom from oppression.

Perhaps other countries could learn from the Cypriots, and start an Ohi Day of their own–a day to say no against invading ideologies that tear apart the fabric and morals of a country.
Cyprus is just a little country, but one with big ideas.